In Divided Times, We Must Come Together

In the wake of the deadly shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday, October 27th, communities from across the region came together to support the Jewish community who had been so tragically attacked.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto spoke to this and said “To the victims’ families, to the victims’ friends, we are here for you as a community of one”. This powerful message is something we all need to remember right now.

In a world of division, of hatred, of us vs them, a community of one is a radical thing. And yet, our nation’s strength has always stemmed from a coming together of diverse perspectives and different world views. When We Are One community, we create a stronger nation.

#WeAreOne is about building us all up. It’s about our equal right to live free of intolerance and hatred.

#WeAreOne is about knowing that we are all human. It’s about knowing that we all deserve a chance.

#WeAreOne is about celebrating each other’s diverse communities. It’s about fulfilling the American promise of freedom and equality.

As we approach the election on November 6th, this tragedy can serve as a reminder of how important it is to get out and vote — to elect people who know that #WeAreOne. This is a new chance to choose inclusion over intolerance and hate.

#WeAreOne means that we can find moments in all our days to build better communities together. It’s sharing small smiles with people you meet on the street. It’s about knowing that sometimes everyone has a tough day and needs a break. It’s about the respect we offer to each other that celebrates our diversity.

And remember that truly, #WeAreOne. We all need love and support. Celebrate the dignity in everyone you meet. Listen to someone’s story. Be there when others need you. And we will be one, stronger nation, together.

When #WeAreOne, no ignorance, no hatred, and no violence can possibly stop us.

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